Our History

The business was started in 1985 by Duane and Dan Overweg in Kimball, SD.  This father, son partnership was built on the philosophy that if you do a great job and care about your customers they will return to your business.  They started their business as Overweg Repair and Radiator because at that time they did a lot of radiator work, but like everything times change.  Duane and Dan worked together for many years, growing a well known repair business.  Radiator work became a thing of the past, so they changed their name to Overweg Repair, LLC.  In 2000, they purchased a building near the interstate on the south side of Kimball, adding on a two bay shop area to the existing building.  In 2004 the old building was torn down and a new two story office, parts storage area was added, along with another section of shop.  They were able to have seven bays for automotive and one bay for large trucks.  Duane retired in January of 2009.  After Duane’s retirement, Dan’s wife, Corinne joined the business.   In 2012 another addition was added on the northwest side of the shop, primarily for truck repair and tire storage.  The business had grown quickly and provided many services to the community.  Dan and Corinne also believe in giving back to the community not only through donations, but also by volunteering their time.  They have been involved with the chamber of commerce, the Kimball Project, city wide cleanup, plus the development of a new medical building and park on main street.   As a true family business, they also have two sons working along side of them at the shop.  The business is still changing, constantly  adding new services and products, so that we can better serve our customers.

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