Common Courtesy in Business and Life

One thing we have always tried to succeed at is common courtesy towards others.  We we truly believe that you should treat others with respect and common courtesy because you don’t know what is happening in their lives and it is just nice to be nice.

I was traveling a week ago and I was waiting for a ride, when I noticed the two people in the picture.  They were having a cigarette and talking just outside the door, when I noticed the sign on the left side (No Smoking Near Entrance).  It got me thinking that every day we are all in such a hurry that we forget to look around us and notice the things that are near us.

It then made me think of the great people I met when my flight got delayed and then canceled.  The weather was bad and two flights of people were at our gate.  We all could have gotten mad and upset at the workers, but we didn’t.  Everyone, which was approximately 100 people, stood in line or waited in the seating area to get help in rescheduling.  We all talked to each other and got to know the other persons situation, but we also had enough time to get to know each other personally too.  There was a lady trying to get back home over seas, two ladies going to a vendor show as vendors, a young man trying to get home and some business people trying to get to meetings.  We even ended up laughing and enjoying ourselves during a less than enjoyable situation.  It made me realize that we are not all that different.  I missed my training the next day, but I am glad I got to spend some time meeting some great people.  I am also thankful for the crew that made sure we had food and drinks, but also rescheduled us as fast as they could with a smile.

I wake up now reminding myself that we all have our daily issues, but we shouldn’t let those issues interfere with us missing out on the things and people around us.

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