Helpful or Misleading?

We are all plugged in to the internet and all it has to offer, but does it help or can it be misleading, miseducating people.

I love that everything is right at our fingertips, but there are times where I dislike it also.

In the auto repair world we use the internet a lot, to help us with our job, but to the consumer it can make auto repair seem so easy to do.  This is a misleading thought.  Technicians need to be proficient in technical skills as well as manual labor.  It is becoming more and more about electrical and diagnostics.

Many customers ask us to  pull the codes on their vehicle because they think that will tell them what is wrong with it.  This is not necessarily true.  The codes are a guide to the thousands of things that could be wrong.  There are many other tests needed to be preformed to properly diagnose the problem.

Be careful with the parts stores that will do free code reading, you may end out putting on many parts before the issue is resolved.  Find a trustworthy repair facility with educated, skilled technicians, it will save you money in the long run.

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