Tire Balancing Isn’t Exciting, but Very Important

What is wheel balancing? 

Balancing is the act of adding mass, or weight, in precise locations to make the wheels with tires spin without any noticeable variations that would cause poor vehicle performance.

Why is it Important?

The vehicles these days are lighter and have less forgiving suspensions.  Properly balanced tires help ensure good ride quality.

What Happens If they are not Balanced Properly?

The wheel/tire will create a vibration as it rolls down the road.  This over an extended period of time can cause driver discomfort, premature wear on the tires and possibly suspension problems.

How You Can Tell If The Tires Are Out of Balance?

If you feel a vibration through the steering wheel when driving down the road at highway speeds.

What to do as a Consumer?

Find a local tire service facility that has a two-plane wheel balancer and is certified in balancing tires.  As preventative maintenance, get the balance checked on your tires yearly.



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