Every day we are faced with deciding which brand of products to use.  It can be a confusing decision.  How will we base our decision on which product to use?  Should we believe advertisements, television, radio, local sales person, family or friends?

When in the world of motor oil, the best way to decide what to use, is by not basing your decision solely on the brand.  Your vehicle has an oil designed to help it last longer.  The type and weight of the oil is the more important aspect of your decision.   Most brands have certain specifications they need to follow in order for the oil to be labeled a specific type and weight.  Do some oils have better ways of processing their products?  This is a question that there is much debate on and will continue to be debated.

Look in your owners manual or ask your local mechanic to look up the specific weight and type of oil recommended for your vehicle.  It is more important to put in the correct weight of oil (0W20, 5W30, 10W30, 5W20…) and the type of oil (conventional, synthetic blend, full synthetic) that is recommended for your vehicle.

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