Helping Each Other is Important and Meaningful

Earlier this year I met two young ladies that were having tire issues.  They had traveled from Chicago to Washington state and were heading home when they stopped at our shop.  They had purchased new tires in Washington because they were having blow outs on the trip and where told that their tires were old.  By the time they reached us they had two more flats on their new tires.  We replaced the tire, fixed the other one and filled them with the amount of  air pressure on the white sticker in their door.  They asked what the sticker was for and we explained that it shows important information about their vehicle including what air pressure to put your tires at.  They were so happy that we shared that with them because no one had ever told them this before.  They asked if we could check the other two tires, so we inspected them and checked the air pressure.  We found that the air pressure in the other two tires were at 103 and 110.  This is dangerously too high for passenger tires.  We released the air needed to be at the recommended psi and gave them a tire gauge, so they can start checking their tires air pressure.  They were so thankful for the information and we had peace of mind that they were safe.  Ask questions even if you think it is a silly question, it could be life saving.

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