We Are More Connected to Our Customers Than Ever Before

As the technology gets better, you either jump in or get passed by.  We have looked at, researched and tried many programs to see if they would help our customers.  We now have Bolt On Technology to help us, help you.

Lives are busy and we don’t have enough time to be on the phone or even talk in person.  We needed a way to not interrupt your lives, but still communicate what is needed to fix your vehicle.  The new software helps us to text you messages, invoices and the inspections.  You get the ability to answer and look at the information sent to you without having to stop by or call.  This will save you time.  You also get reminders, your next oil change prescheduled or recommended services prescheduled.  You can type c to confirm your appointment, text us a different date, cancel or reschedule all at the tips of your fingers.  Takes seconds to do and keeps track of when you need your next oil change.  The appointment is based on your driving habits, the recommended manufacturer mileage and your repair history.

Time is valuable and we hope we can help you save some time.

Do You Know What is In Our Shop?

We take pride in providing not only a variety of services, but with up to date equipment.  Your vehicles are important and need proper care.

We not only have up to date, manufacturer specific scan tools, but also specialty tools to help us with the unique problems a vehicle my have.  We have a new rock chip repair system and windshield removal/install system.  If tires are a problem, our up to date tire machines will help us mount and balance your tires.  Our Hunter Alignment machine is capable of handling auto, light truck and heavy duty trucks.  Our technicians also enjoy buying the latest and greatest tools to help them with the jobs they do.

We take pride in maintaining our equipment as well.  The tow trucks and service vans are ready to go when you need them.

If you ever want a tour of our shop, we will be happy to oblige.  We are proud of what we have established and can’t wait to pass on great service using the proper equipment.

Helping Each Other is Important and Meaningful

Earlier this year I met two young ladies that were having tire issues.  They had traveled from Chicago to Washington state and were heading home when they stopped at our shop.  They had purchased new tires in Washington because they were having blow outs on the trip and where told that their tires were old.  By the time they reached us they had two more flats on their new tires.  We replaced the tire, fixed the other one and filled them with the amount of  air pressure on the white sticker in their door.  They asked what the sticker was for and we explained that it shows important information about their vehicle including what air pressure to put your tires at.  They were so happy that we shared that with them because no one had ever told them this before.  They asked if we could check the other two tires, so we inspected them and checked the air pressure.  We found that the air pressure in the other two tires were at 103 and 110.  This is dangerously too high for passenger tires.  We released the air needed to be at the recommended psi and gave them a tire gauge, so they can start checking their tires air pressure.  They were so thankful for the information and we had peace of mind that they were safe.  Ask questions even if you think it is a silly question, it could be life saving.

When Should I Replace My Tires?

According to many state laws tires are legally worn out when they reach 2/32nds” of a remaining tread depth.  We do not recommend for our area that you wait that long.  Safety is the number one reason to change them at 4/32nd’s”.

You can use a penny to check your tread depths.  If Lincoln’s head is covered you know you have more than 2/32nd’s”.  If his head shows you need to get new tires.  You could also stop by your local tire shop and they will gladly check your tread depths with a more accurate gauge.

Tread depth is only one aspect of knowing when your tires need replacing.  Weather checking, dry rot, uneven wear are other factors to consider when deciding on replacing your tires.

Don’t wait until your tires are legally worn out to purchase new tires.  With winter approaching it is even more  important to have your tires checked.  Stop in at your local tire dealer to get your tires checked before the snow starts to fall.

Help Us to Support Our Community

We appreciate everything Kimball has done for us and our business over the years.  Our goal is to help our community survive and thrive, but we can’t do it ourselves.

In May we started asking for $1 from our customers to be donated to the Kimball Area Foundation.  We started out slow, but many people have contributed.  We have decided to continue this donation drive throughout the summer.  The money will go to help our community with beautification, housing, non profits and more.  We hope that others will stop in and help our community.  Your small donation can become a part of a greater thing.

Thank you everyone who has already donated, your gift is greatly appreciated.

Do You Know What Your Fluids Are?!

Vehicles are always changing and will continue to change over the years.  With those changes, the types of fluids your vehicle uses changes also.  Your owners manual is a good tool to help you find what type of fluids your vehicle uses or you can ask the technician that works on your vehicle.

All fluids have certain colors that help you to know which fluid it is, but you can’t rely on just the color to get the right type of fluid.  Putting the wrong type of fluid in your vehicle can cause major issues for you in the future because the vehicles are made to run with specific fluids in them.

If you have fluid leaking, take it to your local service center to be inspected, so you can get the problem solved and the correct fluid put back in your vehicle.